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Seasoned and highly experienced SQA Engineer with a solid background in Game Design, Technical Writing and Support. Strong multi-platform experience with skills in both hardware and software setup and maintenance, as well as departmental design and test design and implementation throughout the Silicon Valley including positions at Linden Research, Logitech, Connectix, Quiver and Netbuy. Seeking employment as a Game Designer, SQA Engineer/Manager, Technical Writer/Manager or Technical Support Engineer/Call Center Manager.

Qualification Highlights

*Expert in Quality Assurance process and procedures, Web based searches and Departmental (QA and Technical Support) design and setup
*Highly developed skills in writing, proofreading and editing.
*Creative and innovative ideas in design, research and development of projects.
*Excellent customer service skills via phone, email and person to person.
*Skilled in problem and process analysis.
*Experienced in ICD-9 and CPT coding and interpretation from medical reports.
*Highly skilled at identifying, troubleshooting and resolving computer and network related issues.

Computer Skills

*Proficient with Mac OS X, Windows XP (Home and Professional), 2000 (Server and Professional), 9x, NT 4.0 and MS-DOS; basic familiarity with UnixWare and Linux (FreeBSD, Knoppix, RedHat and TurboLinux distributions.)
*Familiarity with SQL, HTML, Java, Javascript, C+, PERL, XML, InstallShield and Lotus Notes.
*Experienced with Router, Switch, USB, IDE, AGP, PCIX and SCSI Hardware setup and configuration.
*Familiar with automated testing tools for web and software based applications, including Silk, WinRunner, Rational Test Suite and other tools.
*Familiar with Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and MS-Access databases.
*Highly skilled at identifying, troubleshooting and resolving computer and network related issues
*Experience with IDX and SMS medical billing systems.
*Experienced with Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, Poser and other creation tools.
*Understanding of 3D tools for creation of figures and characters.

Employment History

Linden Research 08/03 to 10/2005
Designed, documented and enhanced existing policies for billing, technical support, in world abuse and customer service as well as providing community management services for the Second Life MMO. Served as part of a team making recommendations in changing the system mechanics took the company from a stagnant player base to 20% compounded monthly growth. Participated in design discussions to enhance player experience as well as designed and helped implement said changes. Examined system for exploits to close holes in economy and billing systems as well as helping in the design and deployment of online fraud detection methods.  Implemented a project to fix bugs within the CSR tools, programming in SQL and HTML. Trained offsite level 1 support team.  Served as DMCA representative for company.


Independent Contractor/Freelance writer 04/98- Present

Deep 7 Inc.
Redesigned and expanded the Star Legion 1PG. Wrote and published scenarios for many product lines. Performed final market analysis on Arrowflight project line.

Quiver Inc.
Performed, recommended and implemented evaluation for software solutions for a self service Technical Support department. Project accomplished on time and within budgetary guidelines.
Authored and exercised test plans for web site, back end tools, data integrity verification and Y2K as well as evaluated web testing tools for automation and load testing. Performed as team leader including test plan implementation, delegation of team resources and department representation at requirements meetings. Reviewed HTML, Java, C+ and SQL coding to facilitate error correction.

Gale Group
Authored and exercised test plans for end-to-end Y2k testing on a diversified enterprise system with an NT Server , Filenet and Oracle 8 backbone. Completed XML code review for date calculation consistency.

Connectix Corp.
Authored and implemented test plan based upon specifications provided by developers for the software component of the next generation of Quickcam digital video cameras. Managed hardware compatibility testing for parallel port and USB devices as well as software device driver compatibility testing. Tested and released software updates and updaters for two previously released digital video products.

NetBuy Inc.
Authored and implemented system configuration, front-end content, back end process and data integrity testing as well as browser compatibility testing. Evaluated and implemented automation tools, Maintained QA group's intranet website.

Logitech Corp.  09/98-3/99
SQA Engineer position involving management of a group of testers, authoring and implementation of test plans according to product specifications through 10 releases within a 6 month time frame with a 97% competency rate. Planned and enacted hardware compatibility testing, authored documentation according to company ISO 9000 guidelines, assisted Technical Support and Marketing departments with appropriate information and feedback for their customers.Attended USB Plugfests to ensure product compatibility with other devices.

Connectix Corp. 08/96-04/98
2nd Level Technical Support Engineering position involving phone and email based customer service, system analysis with optimization, and product testing. Served as department representative for Quickcam product line. Promoted 2/98 to Windows Trainer for both level 1 and level 2 Technical Support sites.

Stanford Health Services 10/91-8/96
Position involving telephone and mail based customer service and process re engineering, account balancing and being a patient advocate to the insurance companies. Promoted 3/95 to position in the HMO office where I administered the accounts payable for a contracted HMO group, analyzed contracts for reimbursement inconsistencies and reinsurance billing which resulted in 3 million dollars in additional revenue my first year.

R. Talsorian Games Inc. 05/87-10/91
Assisted in the research, writing, editing, development and playtesting of company projects both as a staff writer and on a freelance basis. Served as support staff for trade shows working an information booth as well as demonstrating company product and conducting seminars.

Released projects included:
1. Cyberpunk, design, playtesting, writing and research.
2. Mekton 2, editing and playtesting.
3. Teenagers From Outer Space, 2nd edition development and editing
4. Solo of Fortune, writing and editing.
5. Rockerboy, Project lead, design, editing and writing.
6. Night City, design, writing and editing.
7. Chrome Book Vol 1. writing.

B.A., Creative and Cultural Studies, University of California at Santa Cruz
June 1990
Graduated with college honors

Continuing Education
Seminars on QA Process and Procedure
Seminar on Public Speaking
Extensive book study on programming and software quality assurance techniques and methodologies

References available upon request