These are sites we visit with some frequency:

Our Friends

Will Moss- Currently in Bejing China, Will's site has a lot of great SCUBA pictures as well as some interesting insight into the life of the expatriat. 

Deep7- Longtime friend, Todd Downing's game company.

Our Family

Deirdre McGaffey Margaret's sister

Fun Stuff

Aint-it-Cool-News This site has great movie news as well as the Voices section which is currently publishing 2 of Colin's stories.

Bulwer-Lytton- The "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night" page. This is an annual contest for the best crafted, worst opening sentence to a book.

The Onion- Satire at it's funniest.

Simon's Rock of Bard College - Margaret's first college has a WEB site !!!!!

Gage Taylor and Uriel Dana - Cool paintings by friends of the McGaffey's

The MudCat Cafe - Find all your folk and blues song lyrics < Todd Downing's RPG company that is publishing some scenarios Colin has written. Informational site for people with continent ileostomies.